Our Mission

Our mission here at Mosaddegh Aesthetic Institute is to reveal medical solutions that are harmonious to both inner and outer beauty, while upholding safe, comprehensive, and state of the art care to all our patients.

Our Values

Arising from our mission, our values include patient advocacy in the form of providing full education, encouraging engagement in one’s own individualized treatment plan, and observing uncompromising safety and sterility above all else. Our dedication to the highest quality of patient care parallels our commitment to be leaders at the forefront of our industry. Our emphasis on the importance of lifelong education and training remains our key foundation behind our consistent results of restoring, harmonizing, and enhancing the natural beauty within all our patients.


Meet Lillie Mosaddegh, MD

Medical Director

Dr Lillie Mosaddegh is a board-certified ophthalmologist with extensive experience in cosmetic injections and procedures. She did her residency at California Pacific Medical Center where she initially started injecting Botox for medical and cosmetic purposes.  Her experience with Botox is extensive and meticulous given her knowledge of the periocular area as an eye surgeon.

She started her first medical practice two decades ago in the city of San Francisco and her practice quickly expanded to three locations in the city with a strong following. She obtained her certifications in skin resurfacing lasers early on in her career due to her passion for the art of Aesthetics. She is well versed and has performed numerous Blepharoplasties and other cosmetic and functional lid procedures.

Her natural and detail-oriented surgical skills as an eye surgeon, is well matched with her artistic eye for aesthetics. Her perfectionist character marries medical/surgical skills with art in treating each individual patient and their unique needs.

Her well-rounded interests in arts, poetry, photography, fashion, and design have uniquely positioned her to use her surgical training in the field of cosmetics.

She has served as the executive board member of the Eye Surgery Center of San Francisco since its inception. She has served on advisory boards of technology companies. She has served as the CEO of French fashion company and has used it for Philanthropic purposes. Her personality is nurturing, sophisticated and focused. She gravitates towards natural elegance in her aesthetic work.