Tear Trough Main
  • Treatment Area: Sunken under eyes, ‘Dark circles’
  • Assessment: Our clinician will examine the tear trough region and identify any volume loss that could be restored.
  • Treatment: Numbing cream and/or local anesthesia injection given for comfort measures. Hyaluronic Acid Filler is then injected using the latest injection technique that makes the process comfortable, with minimal down time.
  • Time: 10-minute Assessment , 15-minute prep,  <30-minute Treatment
  • Comfort: Minimal discomfort
  • Results Seen: Immediate results.
  • Result Duration: Dependent on patient metabolism and lifestyle, as well as filler used. Our preferred filler for the tear troughs is FDA approved to last up to 12 months.

Is a tear trough filler treatment right for me?

The tear troughs are a major concern for many as it is difficult to treat just through eye serums and creams. Discolouration and volume deficits in this area makes us appear tired and significantly older. As we age, we experience bone recession, tissue/fat depletion as well as fat pad displacement due to gravity, leaving the area underneath our eyes hollow and discoloured. Restoring volume can correct this very visible sign of aging. 

Sunkenness and discoloration under our eyes often give the impression that we lack sleep and are tired, whether we truly do and feel this way. Improvement to this area can rejuvenate and bring more energy to our faces.

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