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  • Treatment Area: Thin, asymmetrical, or disproportionate lips
  • Assessment: Our clinician will examine the natural presentation of your lips and determine balanced volume, projection and shape.
  • Treatment: Numbing cream applied for comfort measures. Hyaluronic Acid Filler is then injected using the latest injection technique that makes the process comfortable, with minimal down time.
  • Time: 10-minute Assessment , 15-minute prep,  <20-minute Treatment
  • Comfort: Mildly uncomfortable; use of numbing cream, anesthetic injections, and ice to minimize discomfort
  • Results Seen: Immediate results.
  • Result Duration: Dependent on patient metabolism and lifestyle, as well as filler used. Our preferred filler for lips is FDA approved to last up to 12 months.

Is a lip filler treatment right for me?

You may benefit from a lip filler treatment if you seek to:

  • Have thinning lips and desire more volume
  • Have thinning lips and desire more balance
  • Correct an asymmetry
  • Add definition and shape

As we age, our lips thin due to age-related volume loss and environmental/lifestyle factors. Restoring volume and shape to our lips will not only bring back youth, but also restore balance and harmony to our face.

How do you determine the right proportions for my lips?

‘Phi,’ also known as the Golden Ratio, is commonly found in nature and is said to be the distance based ratio found throughout the lengths of your body. In lips, the perfectly balanced ratio of your top lip to bottom lip has been determined to be 1: 1.618. It is also important to assess other relative facial features, such as our eyes, nose, and chin to determine the ideal size and shape of our lips. Harmony and balance is everything.
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