Forehead Lines Main
  • Treatment Area: Horizontal Forehead Lines
  • Assessment: Our clinician will examine your forehead muscle movements during expression and at rest to individualize a treatment plan for you.
  • Treatment: Injection blebs along the forehead muscle
  • Time: 10-minute Assessment , < 10-minute Treatment
  • Comfort: Minimal discomfort
  • Results Seen: Noticeable as soon as 2 days, with full onset at 2 weeks.
  • Result Duration: 3-4 months is typical. Repeated visits to your same clinician may experience results extending up to 6 months as your clinician gets to understand your anatomy.

What are horizontal forehead lines?

When we look concerned, worried or surprised, movement of the muscles in the forehead produces horizontal forehead lines to appear.

Worry lines appear during expressive movement of the muscles of the forehead, but may remain even at rest as the creases settle in over time (static wrinkles). The main muscle here is called frontalis, and it spans the width of your forehead.


How do horizontal forehead lines impact our appearance?

Worry lines can age us, due to its visibility across the forehead which makes up about a third of our faces. They are one of the first sets of lines that we start to notice in the mirror due to how frequently we move our brows in expression. Their appearance gives us a stressed and overly worried look that is often not justified.

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