Dermal Andmore
Dermal And More

What else can be treated with filler?

Your facial features will be examined and the different filler options for treatment will be discussed. The use of numbing cream and local anesthesia injections, coupled with the  latest injection techniques make the process comfortable, with little swelling and often no downtime.

In the hands of our experienced clinicians, the possibilities are endless:

  •  Nasolabial Folds (smile lines between nose and mouth)
  •  Marionette Lines
  •  Prejowl Sulcus
  •  Jawline reshaping
  •  Earlobes
  •  Hollow temples
  •  Hands

To learn more about how a filler injection treatment can help you in these areas, book your free consultation now. During your consultation, a clinician will choose the most appropriate filler for your specific condition as well as taking into consideration the area of the face that is being treated.

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